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Changmin yeon hee dating websites

Kim So-Eun as Hye-Ryeong and Myeong Hee, Yeo Ui-Joo as cool-headed friend of Yoon and vampire, and Lee Joon-Gi's various emotions and mood changes got me stuck for hours in front of my computer.

It seems like he expects his fans to just sit there watching these unenjoyable dramas in his rush to grab fans from China. From all accounts, his new drama sounds even worse than SWWTN. Moreover, I refuse to watch anything with an EXO member in it. I wish LJG had better standards than he seems to have. I'd rather he stop acting altogether than go on like this, insulting viewers with fare like this.

There was no chemistry between LJG and her so the romantic part didn't really worked for me. I hope someday people will attack your children in the internet openly and see what u will say. Well, i pity your brain, it's really a waste of your brain if u really have any. I am a fan of lee jun ki since his drama Arang and the Magistrate.

I believe that a much more mature actress should have been scouted. Well, u are still responsible of what u do even in internet, many people committed suicide because of some trolls like u who cannot handle themselves and attacking other people in internet. waiting scarlet heart: ryeo drama.please quickly show drama.

He is a living anime :) Storyline: 9/10 Cast: 9/10 and i will keep rewatching all your dramas :) Sarangheo Oppa Follow him in insta : @actor_jg Watched it and could finish it only because of Joon Gi. Guess the story is about kim sung yeol trying to persuade gwi to married his daugther.. And Chinese was far better like developing characters properly while Korean version castrated the story.