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Dating leo piper

Why weren't they given a new whitelighter after Leo became mortal?

The amount of times they used it for refuge you'd think Leo would have mentioned it earlier.

Why do the sisters keep changing their appearance throughout a few episodes?

We're there issues with replacement actresses that caused the changes?

Therefore, he would think to write an advanced spell so that his powers can be used.

It was a different spell, you can see that from episode Chris-crossed, the charmed ones did not drew anything when travelled to their past.

Chris explains in the episode "Valhalley of the Dolls" that healing is extremely difficult, and can only be done by accomplished Whitelighters.

Paige has only had her powers for a few years and is only half-Whitelighter, so at first, she can only heal people when Leo helps her.

What is the song that plays immediately after the opening credits/theme, over the shots of San Fransisco?