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If used to a bowl you will need to make sure they work out how to use a bottle if you intend to swap them over.

The following was written by owner Sarah who needed to find new homes for her rabbits: I have had animals, mainly cats for the past 35 years and always considered myself to be a ‘responsible’ pet owner, buying the best food and treats and just generally spoiling my animals.

Last year, how ever, I let my 3 children talk me into getting 2 baby rabbits.

I would urge anyone to rethink getting one as a child’s pet.

No matter how much you want to please your child think about the welfare of the animal first.

It is vital that you find out what brand of food they are usually given as changing the diet suddenly can have fatal consequences (see ‘common problems’ below).

Also find out if they are used to a water bottle or bowl.

Remember that rabbits are naturally shy, quiet animals who hate being held above ground level.

Gaining the trust of a rabbit takes time, patience and effort.

Make sure the carrier is positioned securely to prevent it moving around, and ensure that it is placed in the shade to prevent overheating.

Once home, the rabbits should be placed in their new hutch/run with the bedding and food all ready for their arrival, and then left undisturbed for the rest of the day to allow them to settle in.

When he has settled in, you can pick him up gently but firmly either by placing your hands around his middle or, if you are an experienced handler, by holding the loose skin behind his ears with one hand whilst supporting his hind quarters with the other (this is called scruffing and is not suitable for all rabbits and should not be tried by inexperienced handlers).