Start Invalidating pension armed forces

Invalidating pension armed forces

If you were serving in the armed forces between July 2005 and March 2006, and contributing to the AFPS 1975, you will have been provided with this option to transfer to the AFPS 2005.

Important Note: Army & RAF: For cases falling between 1 Apr 04 and 5 Apr 05 (for the RAF and Army) the balance of probability rule is used and therefore attributable benefits may not be paid for these cases.

If there are elements you do not understand, don’t worry, just contact one of the Pensions Assistants whose details are below.

All personnel on this pension scheme who are subject to a medical discharge (irrespective of attributability) will be awarded what is known as a Service Invaliding Pension (SIP) under the Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) – this is based on your rank and time served and is at a higher level than you would receive if you were not being medically discharged; it is to compensate for the early termination of your Service career and happens irrespective of the cause of the illness/injury.

There are two Armed Forces Pension Schemes, operating concurrently.