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Kirchner ernst ludwig online dating

This documentary seeks to reconstruct in some fashion, an image of the settings within which Kirchner lived and worked, both in his most productive and in his wartime and post wartime stress induced debilitative state.

Only occasionally, but to good effect, are there passive shots of an important painting "on-the-wall", so to speak.

Running 86 minutes, in color and black-white, in spoken German with English subtitles, the film constitute an excellent introduction to an Artist still being exhibited and still exciting viewers the world over.

Mostly for beginners, the seasoned art fancier will find the overview a stimulus to returning to their monographs and visiting the museums, like the Neue Galerie and the Guggenheim, in which he is often displayed.

Fortunately, Kirchner's paintings are intermittently displayed while the remaining images, letters, and interviews somewhat capture the essence of the times. I appreciate different types of art and different eras but Kirchner is not really my favorite.

However, the recreations of the night life in Berlin is interesting and covered well.

This documentary isn't enough to get one excited about the life or the work of Kirchner.

Michael Trabitzsch boldly braids together the disparate strands of the Austrian expressionist's life and work - combining color with black and white photography, third person narration with first person confessions from Kirchner's own note books and an angular jazz score with the melodies of Kirchner's day.