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I have been fortunate to be able to acquire a few of these great bushcraft knives from Alan recently.

I have acquired direct from Alan, three examples of a standard (non-numbered) version of this design.

All are made from 1/8" 01 carbon steel, with a blade length of 3 3/4" and oal. A very scarce knife as Chris's knives rarely come up for sale and I know his yearly output is very low.

Made from the 'traditional' steel for Bushcraft knives, 01 carbon, the knife is unused, having also come out of the same collection but shows signs of patina on the spine and one or two 'spots', although I am being fussy. These extremely well made knives proved to be very popular and quickly sold out.

However, I was fortunate enough to aquire two before it was too late.

However, the owner found the original handle a little too "slim" in use and has therefore re-handled it in Irish Bog Oak ( I have to say, he has made a very good job of it ). This is his version of a survival knife, with a 4.5" blade of blued 01 steel (9.5" oal).

Although this knife has been extensively used, it has not been abused but be aware that it shows signs of sharpening, etc. The blade has a heavy duty tip for cutting a hole in a fireboard, while the green micarta scales has a divot to allow the handle to act as a bearing block for a bow drill.

One of these is now in my own collection and I am offering the other one here.