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Regula cuckoo clock dating sites

The Black Forest region in Germany spawned more than just fairy tales; it also served as home to the first cuckoo clocks.

Look at the type of movement to get a rough idea of the date if the cuckoo clock has no other identifying features.

Even today, most cuckoo clocks have mechanical movements, but quartz movements are a definite sign of a clock that dates from the 1970s or later.

Local villages often specialized in the production of the specific parts that make up the cuckoo clock.

Gradually, the process of cuckoo manufacture became more industrialized.

Cuckoo clock making continued to be a cottage industry for many years, with some parts still made at home even recently.

In 1952 the first factory was built in Schonach, with additions added seven times over the years, making the Anton Schneider factory the largest and most modern cuckoo clock factory in the region. To many of us the word “factory” conjures up a highly automated series of conveyor belts, an impersonal atmosphere, and low skilled workers. Many employees have been with the company for decades, honing their skills in carving the figures and woodsy carved trims and fronts of the clocks.

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Examine the overall style of the cuckoo clock if no name can be found on either the case or the movement.

Cuckoo clock styles are highly traditional and conservative, but the popular railway house style was not developed until the mid-19th century.

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