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"Carrie sent me a message online and she said, 'I just saw blank at Sony studios,'" Ross said.

When she awoke at the hospital the next morning, the first person she asked for was Steve. “Back then, I felt like I could confide in him about anything and everything.

I still do.” More from On Love: When she didn’t feel a spark, her date wasn’t bitter. A fender bender brings a couple back together after 33 years She was told 50 first dates was the key to relationship success.

Tell us why we should feature your nuptials here] Hundreds of miles away, Steve Casazza, then 15 and a sophomore in Long Valley, N.

“I remember we had dial-up back then, and I’d get scolded by my parents if I was talking too long because it would use up our phone line.” [Are you getting married in the Washington region?

'" According to Ross, Fisher responded, "It was a cow tongue from Jerry’s Famous Deli with a note that said, 'If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box.'" Ross, a producer of TV series "Who Do You Think You Are," met Fisher through a chat room online in her early days in Hollywood.

She described herself as "overweight," which made her feel "safe" from sexual assault, but her experience proves otherwise.

“At that point, we talked almost every single day,” she says. It was a decade in the making, but they were finally in the same city and able to make a home together. “As soon as I saw her for the first time in her dress, I just lost it. “I ended up stealing the tissue in her hand.” After the ceremony, the celebration moved across the street to Cantina Marina, where decorations had a travel theme to reflect the couple’s interests and history.