Start Some sort of epic grandeur online dating

Some sort of epic grandeur online dating

I have met a number of interesting people on shoots. I’m friendly with Charles Spencer (Princess Diana’s brother), who is my neighbour here.

But instead of spending his fortune on football clubs, like Roman Abramovich, or sprawling Surrey mansions like Abramovich’s ex-business partner turned bitter rival Boris Berezovsky, Max has done what no other Russians have yet done – bought up a spectacularly beautiful English stately home. My butler is in my house in Los Angeles (his LA house used to belong to Madonna).

And now, just as the Mid-West nouveau riche in F Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby entertained his way into American East Coast high society, Max is launching an assault on the English smart set – although assault is the wrong word; it implies some sort of resistance. He looks both very un-English and utterly at home among this slightly blank European grandeur – perhaps because his thick mane of silvered dark hair and fleshy nose make him look indeed like one of Mantegna’s renaissance Gonzaga princes – all he needs is a pair of red and white parti-coloured tights. Normally we have flowers,’ he waves a hand apologetically around the room.

Leon Max (right in the first picture) with his gamekeeper-cum-head groundsman Roy Goodger (far left).