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Test dating portale Freiburg im Breisgau

If your course is taught in English, unless you are a native speaker or have previously studied in English, you will need to prove your knowledge of the language with a test such as IELTS or TOEFL.

In general, applications for winter enrolments need to be made by 15 July, and applications for summer enrolments by 15 January.

However, application deadlines vary between institutions, and the same institution may set different deadlines for each program – be sure to carefully check the specific dates for your chosen course.

Alternatively, you can use the website , a centralized admissions portal for international students, run by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), although not all universities use this.

You may wish to apply for numerous courses and universities separately to increase your chances of being admitted.

You may also like to consider the latest rankings of the top universities in Germany while making your decision, or check the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject to find the top German institutions in your field.

When choosing a university and a course you should also make sure the course content suits you.

Check the information provided on the official websites of universities you’re considering, and get in touch to request more detail if needed. Are you interested in living in cool capital Berlin, immersed in the traditional Bavarian culture of Munich, amidst the skyscrapers of financial hub Frankfurt, or in a quieter student city such as Göttingen? Before applying, check that your current qualifications are recognized by your chosen university.

To study in Germany you need to have a recognized (HZB), meaning ‘higher education entrance qualification’.

At many German universities it’s possible to apply for admission twice a year – to commence studies either in the winter or summer semester.

The summer semester runs from March to August at (Universities of Applied Sciences) and April to September at universities; the winter semester is from September to February and October to March respectively.

So, you’ve decided on Germany as your study abroad destination – now it’s time to choose the right course and university for you.