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Once in Stockholm, Nelly soon receives a crash course in adult corruption and wrenching heartbreak. The Irish saying "a maiden's chastity is a sty in the devil's eye" opens this comedy.

One woman, who's husband does not want the baby, has a miscarriage which forces her to re-evaluate her marriage. Cast: Liv Ullmann, Harriet Andersson, Igrid Thulin, Kari Sylwan, Erland Josephson.

The second, enthusiastic about having a baby, loses her baby at childbirth and the third, an unwed mother, first wants to have an abortion, but inspired by the sufferings of the other two women is inspired to have the baby -- an affirmation of life in the midst of death. An exploration of the relationships among four women - three sisters, one of whom is dying of cancer, and their devoutly loyal housekeeper - as their facades are stripped away and their agonies and fears revealed. Cast: Inga Landgre, Stig Olin, Marianne Lofgren, Dagny Lind, Allan Bohlin, Ernst Eklund, Signe Wirff. Jenny arrives in an idyllic rural town one morning to whisk away her 18-year-old daughter, Nelly, whom she abandoned as a child, from the loving woman who raised her. Cast: Cast: Jarl Kulle, Bibi Andersson, Stig Jarrel.

/ directed by Wolfe Madam -- Phone fuck / directed by Ingrid Ryberg -- Brown cock / drected by Universal Pussy -- Flasher girl on tour / directed by Joanna Rytel -- Authority / directed by Marit Ostberg -- Come together / directed by Mia Engberg. Mixing fact and fiction, all of the dialogue attributed to Munch in the film is taken from his diaries. DVD X1197; also DVD 5155 Directed by Bo Widerbergen. Pictures of America inspire a married couple to pull up roots and join fellow Swedes in a quest that tests their determination and faith. Cast: Lena Endre, Erland Josephson, Krister Henriksson, Thomas Hanzon.

Tells the true story of an Army officer's romance with a circus dancer. Marianne is a successful actress happily married to Markus and devoted to her young daughter. Using dramatic re-enactments, presents a non-linear depiction of the life of Swedish novelist and playwright, August Strindberg. Cast: Robert Atzorn, Christine Buchegger, Martin Benrath, Rita Russek, Lola Muethel. In this pacifist satire set some time in the future, East and West have stopped maintaining standing armies and nuclear weapons. "A vixen mother invades a chicken coop to provide food for her cubs.

Clips are taken not only from the theatrical version of the film but also the five hour version never shown in the United States. Though poor and abused by her alcoholic husband, Maria Larsson wins a camera in a lottery and finds an outlet in photography, which opens up her world for the first time. Bonus features: "Troell behind the camera", "The true story of Maria Larsson", "Troel's magic mirror" theatrical trailer. DVD X3843 Presents a feature length film followed by four short films, all scripted, edited and directed by the distinguished Swedish nature cinematographer Arne Sucksdorff. His encounter with a prostitute sparks in him an explosive rage that leads to rape and murder. Cast: Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Rapace, Lena Endre, Peter Haber, Sven-Bertil Taube. An otter trapped in a burrow is rescued by 10-year-old Anders and his six-year-old brother, Kjell.

The documentary chronicles Bergman's unique style of filmmaking and artistic interactions with such life-long collaborators as cinematographers Sven Nykvist and Gunnar Bjornstrand. Contents: "The Great Adventure" (78 min.) presents a rare glimpse of wild animal life and its special relationship with humans, as depicted through the eyes of a small boy. In this disturbing study of repression and obsession, Bergman contrasts stark black and white flashbacks with vivid color images that flood the screen with the horror of the present. Forty years ago, Harriet Vanger disappeared from a family gathering on the island owned and inhabited by the powerful Vanger clan. Cast: Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Repace, Annika Hallin, Lena Endre, Peter Andersson. A researcher and a Millennium journalist about to expose the truth about the sex trade in Sweden are brutally murdered, and Salander's prints are on the weapon. Cast: Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Rapace, Lena Endre, Annika Hallin, Anders Ahlbom. In secret, the boys cage the animal and finally domesticate it.

The series of shorts is intended as a feminist response to traditional pornography -- porn films made by women to explore and celebrate, rather than exploit, female sexuality. Cast: Geir Westby, Gros Fraas, Eric Allum, Amund Berge.

Contents: Skin / directed by Elin Magnusson -- Fruitcake / directed by Sara Kaaman and Ester Martin Bergsmark -- Night time / directed by Nelli Roselli -- Dildoman / directed by Åsa Sandzén -- Body contact / directed by Pella Kågerman -- Red like cherry / directed by Tora Mårtens -- On your back woman! The story of the loves of two women - the owner of a model agency and her top model who, on a photographic outing to another city, both have strange one-day affairs with married men. A dramatic presentation of the life of Norwegian expressionist painter Edvard Munch and the effect his upbringing in Norway had on his work and whose raw, modern work The Scream shocked the bourgeois world. 978 Director, Liv Ullmann; screenplay, Ingmar Bergman.

But Don Juan's lust is converted to love and he cannot carry out the seduction. Based in and around a movie studio this experimental and intriguing picture is essentially a film within a film.

A director is told by one of his old professors that the world is in the dominion of the devil, and decides to make the claim the subject of his latest picture.

The otter breaks away and returns to its life of natural freedom.