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Who is tyne daly dating

R47, you're sort of touching on another subject I find interesting, which is the opposite of this thread subject: African-American celebs who exclusively date whites. Simpson (murderer and thief) and Bryant Gumbel (notorious egotistical asshole).[quote]I'm most curious about black men who refuse to date black women; it seems like that comes out of a self-loathing of their own race more than anything else.

She's the one who wears the pants in the family, and my friend tells me their sex life is "fucking out of control." When they first started dating I heard enough stories about them "turbofucking" -- a word I still love btw -- to make my ears bleed.

I'm also friends with a number of Asian women, and ALL of them have said that it's *black* men who have the disproportionate fetishizing of Asian women, not white men.

Leasi Andrews, the one who accused him of battery, isn't black either. I thought your pattern was that you exclusively date or marry extremely wealthy men, no matter what their color.[quote]I know Ellen Pompeo is married to a black guy, but I wonder if her previous relationships were with black guys. Some like blondes, some like muscles, some like tattoos, why should a preferred skin tone be any different?

There seems to be an enormous versatility coming here to play a comedy. In baseball they talk about a fast ball over the middle of the plate.

They are definitely different than guys who date whites along with other ethnicities.[quote]I consider it a form of racism itself.

No one cares what you think.[quote]You should be attracted to the person, not the ethnicity. You might as well say, "You should be attracted to the person, not the gender."[quote]Straight white men who think Asian women are submissive, etc. I have one straight male friend with an Asian wife, and "submissive" is the very LAST word I'd use to describe her.

The Hall of Fame is awesome but you don’t see any 66-year-old baseball players who are still playing (laughs). Working with Arthur Laurents (July 14, 1917 – May 5, 2011) was an amazing experience. This production was the second revival of the show to play Broadway, the first was in 1974 with Angela Lansbury. And I will try to take it to the people.”And I had the advantage of the women who had played that role.